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Health Care

I am focused on lowering costs and offering more choices to make our health care system work better for South Carolinians. Many Upstate families struggle with the cost of health care, but a single-payer, one-size-fits-all approach, like Medicare for All, is not the solution.

Obamacare has failed to live up to its promises of affordable and accessible care for all. Obamacare should be replaced with free-market strategies that encourage choice and competition while providing greater consumer control of health care while still ensuring coverage for individuals with pre-existing medical conditions.

Our health care system should also be modernized to better meet the changing demographics throughout our country. This means giving states greater control and flexibility over their Medicaid programs to meet their population’s specific needs. Medicare also must be reformed to better fit our aging population while allowing for more patient choice with a variety of comprehensive plans. By modernizing these government programs, we can increase efficiency and rid the programs of the waste which drives up the cost of prescription drugs and discourages routine medical checkups.