US Capitol building


Washington is broken. I came to Congress to hold the federal government accountable to the people. Our national debt and deficit are skyrocketing with little concern for the burden we are imposing on our children and grandchildren.
stethoscope on a clipboard

Health Care

I am focused on lowering costs and offering more choices to make our health care system work better for South Carolinians. Many Upstate families struggle with the cost of health care, but a single-payer, one-size-fits-all approach, like Medicare for All, is not the solution.
soldier saluting the US flag

National Security

The United States has positioned itself as the leader of the free world and we must always strive to continue this. It is imperative that we never back down from enemies that continually threaten our freedoms and the ideals of democracy that have made our country great.
scissors cutting a credit card

Small Business

As a small business owner facing burdensome regulations and excessive red tape, I was inspired to enter politics to help business owners have the best opportunities available to them.
soldier saluting the US flag


There are approximately 35,000 veterans living in the Upstate, and we owe a tremendous debt to them and other veterans across the nation. As members of Congress, it is important to serve those who have served us.