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Timmons Statement on President Biden’s State of the Union Address

Congressman William Timmons (SC-04) released the following statement after attending President Biden’s State of the Union address:

“The America Joe Biden described tonight is much different than the experience of real Americans. Under the Biden administration, our nation is in a state of crisis. One-party Democrat rule in Washington created crippling inflation, rising energy costs, a historic border crisis, rampant crime, runaway debt, unconstitutional attacks on our fundamental freedoms, and weakness at home and abroad. Hard-working Americans have been feeling the effects of the Biden economy for far too long. In fact, recent polls show more Americans than ever before say they are worse off financially under the current president.

“The new House Republican majority is already hard at work to get our country back on track. We passed legislation to defend America’s energy security, protect the sanctity of life, defund Joe Biden’s IRS army, address the Chinese Communist Party’s malign influence, end the COVID-19 power grab, and hold the Biden administration accountable for weaponizing the federal government. And we are just getting started.”